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Ostfildern is an international city.  People from more than 120 countries live here. Together, they constitute more than 15 percent of the city's population. Overall, more than a third of the population consists of people who have come from another country, or whose parents have done so. 

In Ostfildern, immigration is valued for its contribution to building a modern, cosmopolitan, and diverse city. Integration is understood as an ongoing process that concerns people with roots in other countries as well as those who do not have roots outside of Germany in equal measure. Everyone - migrants and native residents - can contribute to the success of this process.

The shaping of the integration process, a task spanning a number of areas and various topics, is the responsibility of the Office for Integration. The integration coordinator in the administration of the city of Ostfildern supports the realization of this concept through cooperative efforts with various members of the administration, private organizations, and clubs.

To this end, an integration plan (pdf/9 MB) has been developed, with considerable input from resident citizens. You can also find it as a PDF file by clicking on the link in the "Downloads" area on the right side of your screen.

New residents who come from foreign countries will find very useful information in a handbook entitled Handbuch - Eine Orientierungshilfe für das Leben in Ostfildern. The handbook is also available as a PDF file through a link in the "Downloads" area.

Services and Projects

Handbuch - Eine Orientierungshilfe für das Leben in Ostfildern

Services and Contacts (Integrationsangebote und Kontaktadressen)

Calendar of Diversity (Kalender der Vielfalt)

Eins plus b - Help for parents who have children in school.

Interpreters Pool (Dolmetscherpool)

Mentoring Programme (Mentoring-Program)


Events / Dates (Veranstaltungen / Termine)

Intercultural Week (Interkulturelle Woche - IKW)

International Weeks against Racism (internationale Wochen gegen den Rassismus)


If you have questions on the topic of integration, please contact the integration officer.

If you would would like to volunteer, please contact the coordinator for volunteer activities.