Services for residents

Under the heading "Where can I find..." you will see a list of a number of municipal services. For each of the services, you will find detailed information, including the name of a contact person. Within each of the topic listings there are also links to forms and regulations. For a number of services, it is possible to speak in person with an employee at the Service Center in the "Stadthaus" or Municipal Building in Scharnhauser Park. The Service Center there is open more than 40 hours a week -- also on Saturdays. In order to avoid a long wait for service, it is possible to make an appointment for a visit to the Service Center.

Additional services

We provide information on on-call medical professionals, and on dates for waste pickup. It is also possible to download city statutes, or to find any form at a glance. In addition, the brochure entitled "Leben in Ostfildern" ("Life in Ostfildern", pdf/6 MB) provides an overview of the many advisory and support services available, as well as the broad range of organizations and clubs with the widest possible variety of activities for people in practically every station of life.


Emergency telephone numbers
Waste pickup times
On-call medical professionals
Health emergency services
After-hours pharmacies
Funeral homes
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