Oberbürgermeister Christof Bolay

Dear online visitors,

I would like to extend to you a cordial welcome to our website, www.ostfildern.de, and thank you for your interest in our city. On these pages you will find all of the information that is most important to us, from the names and contact information for people in the administration, to the times and dates of City Council meetings and cultural events. In our calendar of events you can find out what else is happening in Ostfildern. In addition, many of the forms needed to access  a wide range of municipal services can be found in our digital form center, and you can conveniently download them at home. You can also use our website to book an appointment at our Service Center, and thus avoid a long wait time. Our Service Center is open more than 40 hours a week - including on Saturdays. And if you are interested in working in the city administration, you can find current job openings through our job portal. You can submit your application there as well - we will be happy to hear from you.

Just as with our so called Service Center – our municipal government buildings , our website is now barrier-free. That means that our web pages are freely accessible to the widest possible number of people. We have set up a service to assist people with special needs: For instance, you can have our texts read to you.

The residents of Ostfildern have a significant impact on our community. Many volunteers are active in the more than 170 registered organizations, and in a number of loosely structured groups, and in this way, are shaping the course of life in our community. It is important to me that residents have a say in how their city is run. For that reason, within the framework of the "Mayor in the Neighborhoods" round of talks, I visit every part of the city twice a year, in order to answer questions and discuss current problems. We also seek input from residents in the planning processes for city development and renewal projects. In addition, you can contact me personally. Write and let me know all about the things  you like -- or perhaps, don't like as much -- in our city. You can reach me at the following e-mail address: oberbuergermeister@ostfildern.de.

Christof Bolay
Lord Mayor