Politics is when people make decisions together. And there are truly enough decisions to be made in a city. Local political decisions are made by the municipal council, which represents the citizens and is the main body of the city of Ostfildern. The mayor is the chairman and at the same time a voting member. In addition to the Lord Mayor, the municipal council comprises 26 members.


The city administration is the authority whose task it is to administer the city of Ostfildern. The administration is headed by the Lord Mayor as the chief administrative officer. The tasks of the administration and the administrative management include preparing issues for voting in the municipal council. In addition, the approximately 800 employees take care of the citizens' concerns directly - from A for identity card to Z for second home tax. The electronic citizens' service "What do I do where?" lists the concerns with contact data of the employees and the opening hours of the facilities in keywords. And the service centre in the town hall, Scharnhauser Park, Gerhard-Koch-Straße 1, is open more than 40 hours a week - even on Saturdays. Those who would also like to get involved in the administration will find job offers and internships under Job and Career.

The service pages contain the appointment system, the form centre, emergency and on-call services, the refuse calendar, the official gazette, an overview of various newsletters, information on free WLAN, an overview of toilets, the opening hours of the administration and its facilities, as well as contact options.

Civil protection is part of general hazard prevention. Information on various scenarios can be found on the corresponding page.

The administration is committed to making notices, tenders and bylaws available to the citizenry online.