Prospect Right of Residence a.k.a. "Chancenaufentahltsrecht"

On december 2nd a new law was passed which allows refugees a temporary right of residence.

During this period (18 months) refugees can provide the necessary requirements to receive a permanent right of residence.


Checklist / Forms

The Migration Office of Ostfildern has produced a checklist.

This checklist shall help refugees and helpers with finding the right forms to hand in with the Migration Office.


Handing in an application does not require an appointment.


The documents can be sent to or vie mail (labelled with „Ausländerbehörde“).

Applications can be thown into the mailboxes at the Stadthaus or the city halls in Nellingen or Ruit.


Some original documents may be requested later by the Migration Office.



We are expecting a large amount of applications. Therefore, we ask that you refrain from questions regarding the procedure, in order for our colleagues to invest their time working on the applications. 


For quick and easy communication, applicants are asked to provide an email-address and a phone number.


After the examination of your application, you will be asked to make an appointment in which your fingerprints will be taken and you can pay for your card of residence.

Registration and Counceling for Ukrainian Refugees

An appointment is mandatory for the declaration, registration and councelling of Ukrainian refugees.

You can make an appointment here.



The following sites profide serious information in multiple languages which is kept up to date daily:

A brochure regarding the procedures in Ostfildern is available for download.



different counceling services are listed below.


Recognition of foreign Formations: Flyer_ukrainisch (

Short videos for refugees #kurzerklärt 

Counceling for children in school: Beratungsstelle für Schulkinder


Turkish and Syrian citizens still require a valid visa in order to enter Germany.

The Federal Foreign Office informs on a simplified visa procedure.


The FAQ  provides information in multiple languages.



Should you wish to house a family member who was affected by the earthquake, you need to sign a declaration of commitment ("Verpflichtungserklärung"). Here, you can  make an appointment.

Social Service
  • The Social Service Ostfildern is a municipal counceling centre for all citizens of Ostfildern. 
  • All discussions and information is treated confidentially. All employees are subject to data protection.
  • The counceling is free of charge.


  • The Social Service supports citizens of Ostfildern who are in personal, social, or financial distress or in a crisis situation.
  • The Social Service colaborates with other municipal services and counceling centres, where necessary.
    • These include: existential measures, financial support, extrajudical debt regulation, personal crisis, social conflicts and family conflicts, violent or harmful living conditions, contact with administrative bodies, all social topics. We transfer to special services, counceling centres, offers of support


  • The Social Service aids and accompanies people residing in refugee accommodations in Ostfildern. The concept is to build capacities aiming to facilityte a self-determined life in Germany.


  • The Housing Shortage Special Unit with the Social Service supports and accompanies citizens who are acutely affected by homelessness or living in unbearable circumstances.  


Should you have difficulties communicating in German, you can request an intepreter from the Interpreter's Pool, free of charge.

Brochure for Ukrainian Refugees (08.07.2022):

Please keep in mind that regulation may change after the creation of the brochure.

The brochure is available in the following three languages:



Handbook: Living in Ostfildern

Handbuch - Eine Orientierungshilfe für das Leben in Ostfildern


Concept of Integration:

Concept of integration (2018)

Concept of Integration (2022)


Calendar of Diversity:

Download here

Asylum Law

Do you have a proof of arrival notice (Ankunftsnachweis), a temporary residence permit (Aufenthaltsgestattung, for people in the process of applying for asylum), or a suspension of deportation notice (Duldung, for people whose application for asylum was unsuccessful, or for other foreign nationals not authorized to remain in Germany)?


Then please direct your inquiries to the Ostfildern Aliens Authority, whose contacts are listed here.

Services and Events

Interpreters Pool


About 120 Ostfildern residents with a range of ethnic and national backgrounds take part in the volunteer Interpreters Pool that was set up by the city's Integration Unit. At the moment, this service can provide interpreting in 33 languages.


  • The volunteers only perform oral, word-to-word, interpretation, in a neutral manner.
  • Written translations are not provided.
  • Interpreters can be requested by any Ostfildern resident who is not able to communicate well in German.
  • Government authorities, physicians, social-service institutions, clubs and childcare centers may also request an interpreter for appointments with Ostfildern residents with whom it is very difficult to communicate in German.
  • The services of the Interpreter's Pool are free of charge.



We offer training for volunteer interpreters. The training program is being developed jointly by the Filder Training Network which consists of the cities Ostfildern, Leinfelden-Echterdingen and Filderstadt.


The activities of the Filder Training Network are supported with funds from the State of Baden-Württemberg, through the Ministry of Social Affairs and Integration.



Assistance for Refugees

the freundeskreis Asyl Ostfildern aims to aid refugees. The goal is to facilitate a new beginning in Germany. This happens in many different ways - learning German, help in day-today life, leasure activities, assistance finding employment or housing, and the general integration into German society.



If you want to help refugees, or need help yourself, you will find the responsible persons following the links below. oder

What is "eins plus b"?

The Project "eins plus b"

  • adresses parents of all nationalities with children aged between 0 and 10
  • provides support in the fields of language and education
  • aims to improve the collaboration between parents and educational institutions
  • organises services and activities for parents and children
  • organises meetings for women
  • assists women in discovering their stregths and in becomming more self-confident
  • cooperates with municipal institutions, schools, and daycare centres
  • builds linguistic and cultural bridges e.g. by accompanying parents in their native language


Intercultural Companions for Parents

  • are trained, Volunteers who function as linguistic and cultural interpreters
  • are councelors for parents
  • accompany parents to discussions in educational institutions
  • manage meeting places or group activities for parents
  • are internationel. The following languages are represented at the moment: Albanian, Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Hebrew, Japanese, Kurdish, Persian, Portuguese, Punjabi, Rumanian, Russian, Spanish, Czech, Turkish, Urdu und Vietnamese



Find us on facebook


The Mentoring Programme brings together voluntary mentors and refugees under professional counceling and guidance. This is done in close coordination with the Social Service for Refugees.



  • Establishing a network of mentors and mentees
  • Counceling and accompanying of mentors and mentees
  • Placement of mentees
  • Achievement of cooperation agreements between mentors and mentees
  • Organisation of meeting where mentors can exchange experiences
  • Organisation of trainings
  • Encourage refugees to become mentors themselves


The programme is funded by Bürgerstiftung Ostfildern in cooperation with Freundeskreis Asyl Ostfildern e.V. and the city Ostfildern. It is financed by the Federal Ministry for Family, Seniors, Women, and Youth's programme "Menschen stärken Menschen" via the Federal Association of German Foundations.

Ostfildern takes part in the International Weeks Against Racism.

The city's programme will be announced in time. 


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Ostfildern takes part in the Intercultural Week

The current programme will be made available in time.


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Forum inclusive Society

We represent the interests of people who are challanged with their mobility or their orientation. We are a point of contact for people with a handicap and work closely with the city administration.


Primarily, we focus on representing the interests of people with a handicap. We initiatate and accompany different projects as well.


Visit us at our homepage

The project "Kinder im Fokus" aims to help children an adolescents in municipal residences.



  • Uncover the wishes of the children regarding leasure activities and personal development.
  • We support participation and the personal development of children through:
    • Discovery of the surrounding areas
    • Leasure activities - as a group; with the parents
    • bespoke suggestion of existing cultural, sport, and leasure offers.
    • opening up possibilities for civic participation
  • Providing contacts and accompaniment to the offers.



  • search for mentors
  • continuous point of contact
  • regular check-ups




Commissioner for Integration.

Interpreters Pool

Coordinator for Volunteering

Project lead - eins plus b

eins plus b

Children in Focus