At an intermediate step on the way to a wholly paper-free mode of online-only communication, we  offer a great many official forms for download. You can fill out the forms on your computer screen, print them out,  and then send us signed copies via regular mail. Please send your forms to:

Stadtverwaltung Ostfildern
Postfach 11 20
73747 Ostfildern

We provide an assistant for some of the forms.  This assistant helps you to fill in the forms. The assistant asks you for all of the information needed, and creates a completed form. However, you can  also fill out forms all by yourself, by navigating from field to field with the "tab" key.

In order to download the forms (by clicking on the relevant term), you need the "Acrobat Reader" program. If you do not have the program, you can download it here.

The following forms are available:

Resident matters
Building law
Housing benefit

Housing benefit - rent subsidy including rental certificate     
Assistant to fill out the application for housing benefit

Statement of earnings      
Assistant to fill out the housing benefit

Children and youth

Child and youth promotion guidelines (pdf/237 kb)

Application for individual funding (pdf/1,2 MB)

Application form for the JugendCard (pdf/682 kb)

Application for a reduction in the usage fee for day care facilities (pdf / 1,1 MB)

Immigration law

Application for extension of a residence permit (pdf/197 kb) 

Application for a residence permit (pdf/206 kb)

Commitment declaration (pdf/2 MB)

Housing certificate (pdf/825 kb)

Certificate of employment (pdf/489 kb)


Application for club funding: sport (pdf/600 kb)

Application for association funding: culture, music and homeland care (pdf/620 kb)

Application for association funding: religious communities (pdf/627 kb)

Technisches Gebäudemanagement

Layerstruktur Hochbau

Layerstruktur Technik

Plankodierung Dateiname

SO Inhalt Richtlinien

Architektur 1

Architektur 2

Architektur 3

Architektur 4

Technik 1

Technik 2

Technik 3

Technik 4