Ostfilderner Gespräche (30.07.2017)

The civic engagement was a fundamental part in developing the city's integration concept.

The public kick-off event "Willkommen zum Gespräch: wie wollen wir zusammenleben?" (Welcome to the discussion: how do we want to live together?) on the 30.06. in the Waldheimhalle in Ruit was met with great interest from the citizens.

Take a look at theOstfilderner Gespräche 30.07.2017, as well as the Ostfilderner Gespräche 30.07.2017.

Statistics / Participation:

For the very first time the invitations for this event had been randomly generated: 1000 citizens, aged 16 and higher, were contacted. Typically, such methods achieve a response rate of round abour 3%. 

The interest of the citizens of Ostfildern however was far higher. They achieved a response rate of 12.5%.

97 of the citizens which were randomly contacted enrolled themselves. 28 additional citizens declared interest butwere unable to attend for private or professional reasons. 

Totel enrollment: 154  citizens (81 female / 73 male)
Real participation: 122 citizens (57 female / 65 male). 33 of which came without prior registration.