In 2019 Ostfildern took part in the Intercultural Week for the first time.

The slogan:  "Zusammen leben, zusammen wachsen." which translates to: live together, grow together.

Following, you can find a short version of the programme:

orangenes Logo Interkulturelle Woche

Soirée with the Uli-Gutscher-Trio
  • The Trio presented a variety of musical pieces from Jazz, over Latin Jazz to pieces composed by Uli Gutscher himself.

Arabic-German Storytelling
  • In cooperation with the municipal library, the project "eins plus b" and the Bürgerstiftung Ostfildern presented a German and an Arabic storyteller, both active women, reading the German-Arabic story "home can be anywhere". [ „Zuhause kann überall sein“ (Knesebeck Verlag, 2016)].

International Breakfast for Women
  • Hayal Ayik, head of the project  „Tempo pro Ausbildung Plus“, organised the International Breakfast for Women. Only fair-trade product were used, since the "fair-week" took place at the same time. Furthermore Ostfildern owns the title "Fairtrade-Town". The presentation of art from the "3-generations-portaits" exhibition, was another highlight. This exhibition is held by the documentation centre of the Museum of Migration in Germany, Cologne (DOMiD)

International Café Ruit
  • Thomas Hüsson-Berenz was invited to the Café, held by the Freundeskreises Asyl Ostfildern e.V.. He read some of his favorite lines under the slogan: „Lieblingszeilen teilen“(sharing favourite lines); which was part of the project „Sei mein Nachbar!“ (be my neighbour!).

Exhibition "3-Generationen-Porträts"
  • Thie exhibition from the DOMiD in Cologne contains life-size portraits of Turkish migrants, their children, and their grand-children. The pictures were taken by the photographer Guenay Ulutuncok.

Chinese-German Storytelling
  • The big panda eats with chopsticks [„Der große Panda isst mit Stäbchen“, Drachenhaus Verlag, 2009.] was read to children in Chinese and in German.Presented by the project "eins plus b", in cooperation with the municipal library and the Bürgerstiftung Ostfildern 

Movie: How democracy shall be saved
  • Following the presentation of the movie from the Federal Ministry of Family, pupils discussed the subjects racism and radicalisation.

Peotry Slam international
  • Slammaster Swana Lena, Tuba Nemez (Partnerschaft für Demeokratie) and Torsten Hoffmann (project: be my neighbour!) organised this Poetry-Slam under the slogan of this year's Intercultural Week: Live together, grow together.

  • The WiPS (district development Parksiedlung) and the project Be My Neighbour presented a colourful programme containing a performance by the children from "Karussel", pumkin soup, coffee, self-baked cake.
  • Stories by the "Bücherstamm": A Russian Fairytale was read to the audience, as well as Thomas Hüsson-Berenz's „Lieblingszeilen teilen“
  • Members of „eins plus b“ offered child make-ups and balloon-modelling. The ikeros youth bureau organised a table football tournament as well as Bingo for everyone.

Intercultural Thanksgiving service
  • The evangelic community Kemnat and the evangelic kindergarden celebrated thanksgiving together. The theme of the service turned around the different cultures present in the group and how children around the world live and eat.