Important information:

Generally, an appointment needs to be made for us to take your request.

The "housing shortage" unit mediates donated furniture of any kind to people in need. 

  • Donated furniture will be mediated directly.
    Offers should always be sent via mail at the contact which is provided below.
  • Offers should include measurements and pictures. It is important to specify until when the furniture needs to be picked up.Offers will be sent to coordinators from Freundeskreis Asyl. As soon as a person in need shows interest, they will be in contact and make an appointment with you to fetch the furniture in question.
  • Unfortunatelly, the city does not have any storage capacities. Therefore, furniture donations can only be handeled directly.

For further information please visit the Homepage of Freundeskreises Asyl Ostfildern

Please make an appointment via phone call with: