Politcs is about people making decisions together with each other. And indeed, there are a lot of decisions to be made in a city: When will the bike path to Esslingen be built? How large is the area for new construction going to be in Nellingen? And what needs and desires do we have with respect to growing older in our neighborhood? All of these are questions that concern every resident of Ostfildern. Decisions on issues at the municipal level are made by the City Council, acting as the representative of the city's residents and as the main political organ of the city of Ostfildern. The presiding officer, who is also a voting member, is the mayor.

The city administration is the public authority charged with overseeing the functioning of the city of Ostfildern. The administration is headed by the mayor in his or her capacity as the chief administrative officer. Among the administration's tasks is to present information on issues scheduled for a vote in the City Council. In addition, the roughly 700 employees in the adminstration also interact directly with residents to meet a great many of their needs, from securing identification documents to getting information on the tax paid on a second home. In the online Residents' Service found under the heading "Where do I find where?", there is a list of topics with contact information for the relevant city employees, and opening hours for the various facilities. And the Service Center in the Municipal Building in Scharnhauser Park is open more than 40 hours a week, including on Saturdays.